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 Signature Rules/How to Put One (Must Read)!

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Signature Rules/How to Put One (Must Read)! Empty
PostSubject: Signature Rules/How to Put One (Must Read)!   Signature Rules/How to Put One (Must Read)! EmptySat May 11, 2013 3:32 pm

Signature Rules/ Important Info

*If you have old posts and you didn't put a signature yet at that time, Your signature on that single post will not show up it will only show up on new posts. So i recommend you to make one before you post. however if you edit your signature (means you already made one but you edited it or change the sig pic) the updates will be applied to both old posts and new posts so don't worry

*To make a signature you have to go to Profile>Signatures. But to show it you have to go to Profile>Preferences and find "always attach my signature" and click yes of course

*Maximum signature image size for regular members is 700x250px (width x height) any signatures exceeding the limit will get a verbal warning and get the signature image removed by an Administrator.

*Maximum signature image for Admin and Mods is 700 x 400px (width x height)

*Nudity is strictly prohibited. Soft ecchi/bikini girls are accepted

*Only 5 lines are allowed. Only 4 images will be allowed per signature. Only if the four combined is within the maximum limit. However mods and admins are allowed to put more since they will be adding links that are necessary For promoting rules and etc.

*Thank you for cooperating!

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Signature Rules/How to Put One (Must Read)!
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