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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptySat May 11, 2013 3:06 pm

Forum Rules/Posting Rules

Your avatar should not exceed 160x320 (width x height) pixels and 64 kb. However if you have a 160x320  pixel avatar but the file size is higher, we recommend you to use an IMG code. To put an image higher than the file size first you should upload the image to an image hosting site, Ex:TinyPic,Photobucket,ImageShark, deviantArt etc. Then copy the image URL. And then go to Profile>Avatar> and only put the link at the one saying "Link to an off-site Avatar" that will allow higher "file size" images however the "size" of the image should remain 160x320 pixels

Foreign Language
In this forum we recommend users to speak English, so that every user will not be left out and will understand what you are saying, this rule also applies to the chatbox.

Warning System
Warned users will have a BROWN colored name. To avoid getting warned do not spam and break the rules so your warning may be removed. Your name be removed if a Moderator sees that you are following rules and avoid spamming.

Spamming is strictly prohibited. If you are caught spamming is may result in warning or temporary/permanent ban if you continue to do so.

Double Posting
Double Posting is a no-no, doing so will result in a warning. We recommend you to edit your post if you want to add something or remove something. 4 warnings will result in temporary ban/permanent ban. If you double post accidentally
you can edit your post and put an "EDIT:Accidental double post" so an admin or mod may consider it.

Junk Threads
Junk threads like birthday threads, congratulating threads, thanking threads or other threads like these should not be posted in the forums. they should only be posted on blogs. when you post something like this your thread will be closed.

Reporting Posts
Reporting. if you want to report an abusive user. please provide evidences or links to the thread or profile. so we may take a look if this user deserves a temporary/permanent ban.

Personal Threads
Personal things should not be posted in threads in the forums. They should only be posted on blogs. Doing so will result in Moderators closing the thread.

Do not copy articles, images, quotes from the internet or books and mention them as your own. If you do happen to mention that isn't your own words make use you place them in quotation marks and credit the owner. If you are caught plagiarizing you will be warned  

Discriminating is not tolerated! User who discriminate and think lowly of others deserve a warning.

If you have been wrongly banned/accused of something, please take a screenshot or have some sort of proof and PM an admin. If not, the admins will still do their best to  help you.

*More rules will be posted soon and thank you for your cooperation!
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Forum Rules
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