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 Writing Center

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PostSubject: Writing Center   Sun May 19, 2013 7:31 pm

Welcome to the Writing Center!

There are many of struggling to write great pieces of writing out there, whether it's for school or just for fun. For those of you willing to share your story to be open to anybody for review and feedback, just create a new thread. But for those of you who want to keep your writing pieces private (or if they're too long for just one thread), this is the place!

Requesting a Beta Reader:
To put in a request for a beta reader, just make a post with the topic of your piece, what type of writing it is, how long it is, and by what day you need it to be reviewed. Once the "due date" has passed, the request will be closed. If you do not indicate a due date, it will automatically be set for a week. Remember, it make take time for your piece to be reviewed so allow ample time for someone to take your request.

I am writing a 2000 word persuasive essay on how awesome AM is that needs to be reviewed by May 25. Please PM me!

Once a beta reader has PM'ed you, you may send him/her your piece of writing whether it is by replying with another PM, through email, through another site (ex: FictionPress), or any other medium you can think of. Be prepared for constructive criticism. Beta readers are there to help improve your writing, not just to praise it. Up to three beta readers can review your writing piece. Once you have a beta reader, edit your request so that others know you no longer need another one.

I am writing a 2000 word persuasive essay on how awesome AM is. Please PM me!
EDIT: Done.

Don't forget to thank your beta reader for taking their time to improve your writing!

For Beta Readers:
Anybody can be a beta reader as long as you write at least three sentences about three different areas of the piece. These areas include but are not limited to: character development, plot, setting, thesis, essay structure, writing style, and grammar/spelling. Obviously, not every piece of writing will have all of these areas (a story won't have a thesis and an essay won't have a plot).

Characters: The main character of your story, Kurosaki Ichigo, seems to power up infinitely and way too easily. As such, this makes him a very flat character. In order to make him seem more interesting, perhaps you should create an internal conflict that makes it much more difficult for him to obtain his new powers.

Plot: I think that your fillers detract from the story. They aren't interesting at all and have absolutely nothing to do with furthering the plot or enhancing the story. You should either spend time developing them more or take them out altogether.

Writing Style: I see that you often input random languages into your writing. Like "getsuga tenshou" or "el brazo izquierda del diablo". It is sort of annoying and readers will probably be confused about what these actually mean since they may not be able to speak those languages. If you're going to write a story in English, keep all of it in English.

You do not have to stick with this structure of reviewing exactly. The more areas you review, the better and you may go much more in-depth. These guidelines are set so that the writer will have some constructive criticism to work with. It is also up to you whether you wish to oversee the progression of the story/essay. By this I mean, once the writer has had a few days to work on fixing up his/her piece of writing, you can continue to review the story if you desire to. Once you have found a request you would like to review, PM the user.

If the writer or beta reader you are dealing with is being unreasonable or is not following the rules above, please let me or Kiwa know.

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Writing Center
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