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 Last Update. Sad, Happy, Excited, Depressed, Motivated.

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PostLast Update. Sad, Happy, Excited, Depressed, Motivated.

Got the Plane Ticket!!!! Renting a nice apartment out in Sweden!
Job starts October 10th! Gonna go check myself in and Live life in a foreign Country Ya'll!


Couple of things to catch ya'll up on what's been going down this whole summer so far. last update from me so PAY ATTENTION!~ <3

Lets start with bad news stuff. (promise it gets a little better)
Last Doctor Appointment . Total of 7 going back and forth between my doc and the lab.(for those that forgot or don't know HEART FAILURE)
can't find a Donor, not holding my breath for one either. However i should start lookin ;/ last incident was pretty close to THE END so i'm gonna need a brand new beat(heart) within the next 2 years. that's the death date my doctor gave me and my mom so... yeah that was heartbreaking. everyone, friends and family are well informed of my status, only fair i give you guys the same treatment since i love ya'll <3 Anyways, for a while after that it was a whole bunch of this going on

Cuz well it hurts to know your one step into death.

Alright Alright Quit yer Cryin ya Pussies!!!

Good news! Postive stuff yes?!
a really good one is I got confessed by one of my long time  best-friends and well, can't believe a girl actually got me going like this

A friend at that. guess this means i'm gonna pitch for the other team for a while lol turns out i like both genders and i do have special feelings for my friend (suprisingly)yeah She's coming with me to sweden too. she's gonna be a bartender out there.Our friends are always making fun of us now that we're official couple. the guys in our group really like this turn of events though lol they be like

In other news! i have alot of shit! The fwack!

I'm cleaning and packing and cleaning and packing and it feels like no progress is being made! lol more than half my shit is gonna be flown to me immediately after i get there. the rest is going in my mom's attic~

I am behind on my anime cuz i keep having friends over planning my weekends for me lol though i don't mind! lots of picture taking. i keep telling everyone i'll be back for new years

Family keeps coming towards me getting plenty of "me" before i leave too. even though i keep telling these fools i'll be back for new years!

I think that about sums up what's going on. Your caught up guys Yaaay!!!!

With all that's going down i still can't believe this is all going down. it like all that's happening is the opening act for the 2nd chapter of the book. gah! EXCITED. flight leaves September 29th. You guys better leave me comments. the last post only kiwa came up Sad and i put effort in this one! da fack!
Lol all in all i love you guys really! i love our skype chats and our topics on here. Enjoy the rest of life guys! BYE BYE <3

Left to play a game called "Life" there is no save file so i'll be gone for a long-loooong time :3
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Last Update. Sad, Happy, Excited, Depressed, Motivated. :: Comments

whoa, that blog's like cinema xD

first thing: friend of mine had heart failures for 4 years and the doctors said she's only make it through two. After that, they removed her electric-artificial-heartbeat-machine-thing (help, what's it called in english? lol) and she's completely fine without anything now. Wishing you the same luck, go find a donor anyways though xD

second: Congrats, in German we'd say "Bisschen bi schadet nie", ask sey for the translation Razz
Good thing she's tagging along with you, would be kinda sad if you had to separate right away ... don't feed her too much of your cooking (is there such a thing as "too much of your cooking"? lol)
Uuhh send some pics if you can Razz
I'll trade if you want, funny ones from my Japan holiday Razz

Sweden is a nice country, make sure you bring enough warm clothing, though summer isn't that bad there, winter will be cold xD
Smörebröd smörebröd, ramtamtamtam!

Some of the guys here are still on vacation, and some busy, don't worry about it, they'll answer ~

Hmm you made me kinda nostalgic there
we had some good times there, those 1,5 years
Hope you continue to have good times, I plan to do the same Razz

Here's the last piece of motivation you might get from me, so I decided to make it a strong one:

We'll be here for you, take care ~
I may have read this 4 days late, and you may not really know me (lack of activity), but I'll still post in reply. I can't imagine how it feels to be told you have 2 years left if something isn't cured. I wish best of luck to you.
Well, this be quite late answer i guess.

There are cases when even without a donor things got better, dont lose the hope, keep looking forward... Darn... dunno what to say...
For confession, wish you ladies best of luck.

I never was good with words, hope future ahead of you be long, and have good things in it for you.
wow. i'm glad i've read this! aw kat.. i didn't know you're having a heart failure...><

why didn't you not tell me?????????><?

: ) well i'm glad you're still alive and we have to meet up someday! >< let's make it happen. < 3

I'm here for you on skype!

Last Update. Sad, Happy, Excited, Depressed, Motivated.

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