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 Vacation Photos! :D

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The Mad Dog (Artwork Moderator)

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PostVacation Photos! :D

although it was shorter than expected i got to enjoy my vacations. not as expected because i was supposed to have travelled to london and germany but... due to some problems my cousin had to face (yeah, problems again, that word has finally appeared on 2014 -_-) i had to come back to argentina and ended up going to Mar del Plata (google it for more) with my aunt and brother, and, although i dont get along with them that much, i got to enjoy some beach, sun, good weather and of course, garls  Cool
here are some of the photos i took and recovered since they were on my aunts camera, hope u enjoy them people!

in here you can see the city, over the right side u can see some blue lights, thats the old pier, behind it was our hotel, pretty long walk, aint it?

me (black) and my brother (white). behind us u will see something people call the "Marriage Waters" or something like that. its name was born when a famous writter of our country put a padlock on the safe bars surrounding the fountains in memory of her gone husband and as a signal or their still alive love.
its pretty common to see groups of couples in here, they come to put their padlocks on the safe bars, same as the writter did several years ago, because it has turned into... some sort of "must do" activity for people sharing a mutual love...

NOTE: -padlocks are removed at the end of the summer season due to bars falling apart- lulz

this is the apartament we were living in, again u have me and my brother and together with us theres my uncles friend and her 2 daughters enjoying a pizza. it... wasnt as fun as it appears, the little one was shy at first but when she became fond of me and my brother she started talking non-stop the whole night and the older daughter was... like the shiest human being i have ever seen, i seriously dont even remember if she ever spoke 2 words the whole freaking day.

me and my aunt. behind us is the beach we went to. its called "el Torreon del Monje" ("The Monks Keep") and it has 2 different areas. at the right side of the picture theres the normal beach with sand, sun, water and... childs running and screaming and shouting and throwing sand at people... *cof* and at the left side u can find the rocks. perfect place to lie down to take sunbaths if u dont mind the waves crushing just meters away from you  Very Happy

i had another photo but it wasnt that special and i kinda lost it somewhere... but it was at night and i was sitting on a rock so there wasnt much to be seen anyway. those were my first 2014 vacations!
Project London-Germany Part 2 Comming soon, will make sure next time works!

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Vacation Photos! :D :: Comments

Re: Vacation Photos! :D
Post on Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:58 am by NowiS
Cool pics. It's always nice to take a little break and travel even if it's only for a little bit. Good to have you back. Smile
Re: Vacation Photos! :D
Post on Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:05 am by Rami
Welcome Back Vezz Bro! What city is in the first Picture?
Re: Vacation Photos! :D
Post on Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:57 am by Toilet
Jelly Sad Haha Vezzzz! Welcome back dude!
Re: Vacation Photos! :D
Post on Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:07 am by Lelouch_Vi_Britannia
nice pics...looks like you really had some fun there...too bad you havent managed to go to the other two though...
Re: Vacation Photos! :D
Post  by Sponsored content

Vacation Photos! :D

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