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 Tell Me The Truth

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PostTell Me The Truth

Recently, a friend of mine has distanced him/herself because he/she felt that me and my friends were abusing him/her emotionally. But I truly believe we haven't wronged him/her in any way. (or at least I can vouch for myself) And while I understand he/she may have issues with trust, the reason I am upset with him/her is because he/she failed to tell us his/her feelings. Communication is SO IMPORTANT in a relationship. I cannot stress that enough.

Let me tell you a story. When I was in second grade, I made my first true friend. She meant the world to me and we did everything together. Same elementary school, same middle school, and now the same high school. But when we entered high school, something changed... She would be outright rude to me, dissing my clothes, finding faults within my words... It was completely awful. As you can tell, she became a really horrible person BUT honestly, I think I could have salvaged our friendship. I could have talked to her about it... Maybe something was going on in her life that I didn't know about. But thing was: I didn't talk to her. She was so mean to me that I was too scared to say anything. I didn't want her to keep being mean to me so I started to avoid her whenever I could. Now we're in our last year of high school. We haven't spoken to each other in 3 years. Not a word. And it still upsets me. Yes, she was awful, but what I hate the most is that I could have done SOMETHING. I should have talked to her. Maybe I was being overly sensitive. maybe I was overreacting. And if she still insisted on being a horrendous person, then fine. But that's not what happened.

Ten years of memories with this person. All gone. All tarnished.

I don't EVER want to lose someone like that again. I still resent her to some extent and I still resent myself for not doing anything. I decided on that day to always verbalize my feelings. Losing her was really hard for me and I don't want to go through that again.

So what's the point of this? Besides trying to tell you guys how important communication is if you don't already know about how vital it is, I want you to know that if you EVER feel like I'm being mean or awful to you. If you feel like I'm a bad person PLEASE TALK TO ME. I know that I often take things too personally and I can be very sensitive to harsh words or criticism. So let me know if I'm being negative towards you. To be honest, initially, I may still feel some resentment towards you for saying that, but I am pushing myself not to take things to heart. I am really trying to learn how to take verbally abusive things and let it go. But I absolutely do not want you guys to feel like you have to tiptoe around my feelings.

And a last note... I apologize for any awful grammar/spelling. I literally just wrote this on the spot to get it out. And uh... thank you for reading this huge wall of text XD

"Baby please don't cry. Can you smile for me? These wings are meant to fly."
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Tell Me The Truth :: Comments

Re: Tell Me The Truth
Post on Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:36 am by NowiS
Yeah, well said.

I just wanted to add in that initializing a talk to reconcile with someone you hurt or haven't talked to in a while is really hard as well. It actually takes a lot of effort to try to reach out to them. There's so much inner conflict within ourselves including the fear of rejection or thinking that your talk will be useless, that it hinders us from even trying. I've had a lot of times in my life where I wanted the other person/party to come to me first to talk, because I'm not the guy who usually initiates talk or conversations. But when I did, I was glad. It's funny because most of the time that other person/party was feeling the same thing about wanting to be the receiver more than the initiator.

I guess my point is that it takes a lot of mental fortitude and courage to initiate a talk to reconcile with someone you hurt or haven't spoken with for a while. But what separate the one that cares from the one that likes the status quo is the thought and time one puts in to attempt a talk. It says a lot about that person and you will only get better at communicating your thoughts and feelings with one another as you grow up.  I'm glad you're trying your best with it Smile
Re: Tell Me The Truth
Post on Sun Dec 08, 2013 6:52 pm by Ruriel
Thanks for your input and your encouragement simon ^^ I've had too much drama in my life lately... and I got no time for that XD
Re: Tell Me The Truth
Post on Sun Dec 08, 2013 7:13 pm by Toilet
I read your story, the whole of it. Pardon me if i replied with something so short. But you're not bad/mean at all because you are my little sister XD
Re: Tell Me The Truth
Post on Sun Dec 08, 2013 7:32 pm by KimHaedi
aw Stephanie><!  hugs.  i'm glad you care about the people who are in your life.  

yeah please do tell me if you have any resentment or anything thats bothering you from me okay?

i'm here for you alright? <3  

I know i barely don't know you to say this but I really care about you like a sister/best friend would.

sarang hye Stephu.  ><!   and thank you for sharing that with us all. I sometimes take your words in too personally when your a bit demanding but now i get how you are now.  <3 LOL

yea  drama i get yah.. i've been through too many extreme unfortunate events in my life too.  so dont worry, I'm here for you. <3

p.s. i agree with Maki, you're not rude but you are a bit too blunt at times XD!!! lets just say thatXD sorry little sistaXD XD but truthfully.. you are really a kind and caring person.. TOO BAD THERES NOT enough of people who care for others like you do. <3

Re: Tell Me The Truth
Post on Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:22 pm by Ruriel
@maki sometimes short and sweet it all you need so don't sweat the small stuff ^^ I know I can always rely on my onii-chan~

@hattie Aw hattie TT_TT I'll make sure to come to you if I ever need help Smile
Re: Tell Me The Truth
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Tell Me The Truth

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