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 July 6 2013 Saturday

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July 6 2013 Saturday Empty
PostJuly 6 2013 Saturday

Guess what? my cake on my birthday sucked XD!!!!!! the bread was soo dry.. that even my mother was like giving me that gross look.. waaaaaaaah

i went to a chinese restaurant for dinner... it was crowded...

my mother and i argued........which thats not fun.. we argued so many times.. wherever we went together..

my sound recording system on my laptop .. just crashed and it doesn't record clear anymore.

my friend who said that she'll hang out with me online went to bed so early and napped.. and we barely talked LOL

omg.. it was one of the worse birthdays i ever had.. i'd rather have no cake than have a bad cake XD.......

and also one good thing came out of it..

i got a NEW JOB BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY XDDDDDD WHEEEEEE ITS A RETAIL JOB. i'll be working at a clothing store soon.

oh yeah, my friend took me out for my early birthday present. that was nice on 4th of july.

im wearing my new clothes right now at my other old work XD. its my parents job. im just helping out for Sunday's only.

^ ^ and my friend that didn't want to talk to me is now wanting to WHEEEEXD i've been mentioning her onto my other threads XD

July 6 2013 Saturday Unique3
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July 6 2013 Saturday :: Comments

Re: July 6 2013 Saturday
Post on Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:43 pm by Kiwa_Hajimari
glad not all's bad in the end xD

my last three birthdays I spent almost completely in classrooms and lecture halls, having to leave to early in the morning to get some cake, coming home late and having to do too much to enjoy the day ... but I caught up on my birthdays during the weekends mostly xD

Re: July 6 2013 Saturday
Post on Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:11 pm by Ruriel
I'm happy to hear that it wasn't all that terrible~ I didn't get cake on my last birthday >_< I was so sad... I personally rather have a bad cake than none at all. At least you get to blow out the candles and make a wish! I didn't even get a happy birthday song... or birthday punches... Ah well. Enough about me XD

So will you be able to get a discount at the store you work for? I remember that when my cousin went to work at apple, he got a discount on buying electronics there XD

Re: July 6 2013 Saturday
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July 6 2013 Saturday

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